When the Only Light Is the Moon

Rita Wilson


- Four women, four stories, and a chance encounter that changes everything. Still reeling from a recent breakup, Demi, a Greek-American banquet manager, joins her mother, aunt, and cousin on a...

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- Four women, four stories, and a chance encounter that changes everything.

Still reeling from a recent breakup, Demi, a Greek-American banquet manager, joins her mother, aunt, and cousin on a trip to Greece, hoping to clear her head, heal her heart, and take a break from an unfulfilling job.  Her plans for a relaxing holiday are derailed when their rental car breaks down on their way to the coast; that is, until they are rescued by a villager and her charming grandson, Stavros. While Demi navigates this unexpected romance, her mother, aunt, and cousin examine their own fears, hopes, and dreams, aided by Charles, a witty British author who endears himself to them with his good humor and sage advice. Demi’s whirlwind romance ends abruptly when she returns to the States despite Stavros’s pleas for her to stay with him.  Upon her return, she must confront her feelings for Stavros and her impossible job situation.  With Charles’s advice in mind, the ladies tackle their issues. 

Demi gets a job opportunity that would take her away from Pittsburgh, and she must decide whether to leave her family for a fresh start or stay where she has always been comfortable.  The situation becomes more complicated when rekindling the romance with Stavros becomes possible. When fate intervenes, along with Demi’s ex, her path becomes even more tangled.

Set in a charming Greek village, When the Only Light of the Moon follows two sisters and their daughters as they navigate individual journeys of self-discovery through the unexpected help of strangers. The crystal blue Mediterranean skies and silvery olive groves provide a magical backdrop for this lively story of romance, realization, and renewal.

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by Rita Wilson
Page Count: 252
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date:  May 22, 2024
Imprint: Milford House Press
Genre: Fiction

FICTION / Romance / International
FICTION / Family Life / Siblings


“This charming, witty, sun-drenched tale will plaster a smile on your face and whisk you off to a happier place.  Rita Wilson’s writing is never less than elegant and assured.  You’re in good hands.”  Chris Heath, Creator of “The World According to Grandpa.” 

When the Only Light is the Moon follows the travels of two sisters and their 20-something daughters as they navigate both their beautiful Greece and their beloved Pittsburgh, celebrating and analyzing love, independence, and each other.  We feast on scrumptious language, food, and social gatherings—from book launches to shipwrecks—listening in on conversations of history, poetry, parenting, and the struggles and successes with choices in men and career.  Wilson’s story shows us how women work and play, fall into and out of love, and find their true sense of home and themselves.”  Jolene McIlwain, author of Sidle Creek.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ellen Langas
Realistic, witty and memorable - I love it!

This is a wonderful immersive read filled with adventure & love... and takes us all to Greece! Rita Wilson’s depiction of the shops, countryside, and tavernas were so vibrant…even the description of the food made my mouth water. She brings her colorful characters to life in such a realistic way that I fell in love with them all. I found myself identifying with each of the four women and rooted for them along the way. It's realistic, witty, and memorable, and I highly recommend it. I also think it’s the perfect gift to share with a girlfriend.

More than a summer romance

This book will keep you engaged from start to finish. Filled with a summer romance, comic relief, and a beautiful setting, the author brings the pages to life with so much detail that you feel like you're with the characters in Greece. It's a love story at it's core, but it's so much more than that. The character development throughout the novel has you rooting for characters that you grow to love, and keeps you hooked from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Steve Mcclure
When the only Light is the Moon

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is very well written, beautiful setting and I identified with the characters. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a romantic genre. The greek culture is explored and Greece might be my next destination because of this book.

When the Only Light is the Moon

Incredible story with a gorgeous setting. I was looking for a new summer read to enjoy outside and this was the perfect fit. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a story to get them thinking while escaping your own reality for a bit.