Final Touchstones

Linda M. Romanowski


Final Touchstones tells the story of four brothers leaving Sicily for America in the early 1900s. The author’s maternal grandfather is the seminal figure from age three through his later emigration to...

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Final Touchstones tells the story of four brothers leaving Sicily for America in the early 1900s. The author’s maternal grandfather is the seminal figure from age three through his later emigration to a new life—a decision that forever changed his family’s destiny.

The book includes a series of ninety-two short selections in prose and poetry, divided into three sections: Italian/Italian, Italian/American, and American/Italian. The pieces stand independently; together, they relate one story.

Final Touchstones is chronological, episodic, and historic. It appeals to readers interested in family histories and those who remember their grandparents from the Great Immigration wave of the early 1900s. Now is the time to reflect on the formative years of your ethnicity.


Author: Linda M. Romanowski
Page Count: 252
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: January 17, 2023
Imprint: Brown Posey Press
Genre: Memoir

Biography and Autobiography/ Cultural, Ethnic, and Regional
Biography and Autobiography/ Personal Memoir
Family and Relationships/General

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Final Touchstones by Linda M.Romanowski

Final Touchstones," by Linda M. Romanowski, is an evocative exploration of life, loss, and the indelible imprints we leave behind. Through a sequence of interconnected memories, Romanowski crafts a tapestry of human revelry that is both intimate and famous. Her writing is marked with the aid of a deep sensitivity to the nuances of emotion, taking pictures of moments of quiet introspection and profound revelation with the same ability.

The narrative is grounded in the lives of its richly drawn characters, each of whom grapples with their private touchstones—the pivotal critiques and relationships that outline their lifestyles. Romanowski's prose is very lyrical and specific, portraying colourful images of the settings in which her characters' stories unfold. Whether it's the bustling streets of a town or the tranquil splendour of a rural panorama, her descriptions deliver the reader into the heart of each scene.

One of the strengths of "Final Touchstones" is its exploration of the issues of memory and legacy. Romanowski delves into how the beyond shapes the present and how humans attempt to make experiences in their histories. This is particularly evident in the e-book's exploration of familial relationships, wherein generational divides and shared reviews create a complicated internet of connection and warfare. The characters' struggles to reconcile with their pasts are portrayed with authenticity and intensity, making their trips relatable and compelling.

Another noteworthy component of the e-book is its structural ingenuity. Romanowski weaves together more than one view and timeline, growing a mosaic that, step by step, reveals the bigger photograph. This approach no longer only enhances the richness of the narrative but also underscores the interconnectedness of human lives. The transitions between distinct characters and eras are seamless, keeping a cohesive flow that keeps the reader engaged.

In summary, "Final Touchstones" is a fantastically crafted novel that gives a poignant mirrored image of the iconic impact of our research and relationships. Linda M. Romanowski's abilities for storytelling shine through in this moving and thought-frightening painting, making it a should-have look for those who understand literary fiction that delves deep into the human soul.

Lorraine Home

This is a great read. Linda has away of bringing her family to life for the reader. I thank you Linda for this heartwarming story. And I thank you for reminding us all of the treasures of our personal family history.

Family Memoir Teaches and Inspires

Final Touchstones is a tribute to all those who come to America to start a new life. It is also a tribute to the generations who build on and continue that life.

Linda Romanowski shares her family’s story across several generations and, through masterful prose and poetry, puts readers on a wonderful path of discovery. I found myself in a village in Sicily, in a South Philadelphia rowhouse, a crowded parochial school classroom waiting to be called on, a kitchen watching relatives make Sunday dinner, a basement hoping for a chance to press wine-making grapes. I could smell food cooking, hear the banter.

Not only did I cheer on the characters, I felt transported directly into the story. While I’ve never actually sat on a third-story window ledge eating a hot dog while watching the Mummers Parade pass by, I loudly gasped as that hotdog landed below and continued on its way up Broad Street. There were so many stories that made me laugh out loud, nod in recognition, and cry in remembrance. The writing is that good. I especially liked the author’s creative use of metaphors and titles.

Today’s Facebook posts, Instagram pics and TikTok videos recount pieces of our lives. But there is another way and more to tell. Final Touchstones is a thoughtful, delightful read that makes you want to call your relatives to learn your own story and then tell it to the next generation. And after reading this book, you’ll have some insight on how best to do it. Linda Romanowski got it right.


I loved reading Final Touchstones. My favorite books are always biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs and this book certainly did not disappoint. Final Touchstones details the history of several generations of close knit families and will resonate with many readers who also have loving recollections of their parents and grandparents. I grew up at the same time as the author with a similar background, and this brought back many emotions and happy memories for me! The book is so well written and I especially enjoyed the technique of adding poetry to prose. I highly recommend it. Very uplifting!