Deals, Danger, Destiny

John LaCasse


Think a Renaissance Man is a thing of the past? Think again. Better yet, read the day-to-day adventures of John LaCasse, whose 25-year career as a Seattle yacht broker brought him...

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Think a Renaissance Man is a thing of the past? Think again. Better yet, read the day-to-day adventures of John LaCasse, whose 25-year career as a Seattle yacht broker brought him into deals with business magnates, political figures, actors, royalty, even an organized crime boss—names the reader will recognize.  Real-life happenings that turned this mountain boy from Montana into a wizard of wealth, penthouse living, Sports Car-driving, Harley-trekking, drinking and smoking to excess. Then one day wondering, what for? Why am I living this life of fast and furious? 

This is no typical memoir. It’s the story of how one man shows that living life to the fullest, ricocheting from one daring deed to another—usually in reaction-mode—can bring a sweeping range of emotions—bravado, enlightenment, sorrow—that will be felt unequivocally by his readers. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love will see a similar approach to life—only from a male perspective. Not just breathing air, breathing life.

Going back to school in middle age, LaCasse was kicked out of three universities. No Stop Sign here. He embraced transcendental studies, leading to an MBA and a Ph.D. Then, a personal trinity of women shed new understanding of science and spirituality.

While frequenting his favorite bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, in Paris, LaCasse’s stream of consciousness thrusts him suddenly into the presence of a 13th-century theologian. Both now in the 21st century, their conversation over coffee plummets—well, propels—John from DEALS and DANGER, into a new DESTINY.


“No journey ever goes exactly as planned. All great journeys will have perils, pitfalls, washed-out roads, and maybe even a few snipers. They also have great loves, great losses, and all the moments you would not trade for any other in all the world. Every day is like a little traveling between destinations. The more that does not go as planned, the more memorable it becomes. It’s all here in Deals, Danger, Destiny.” —Kelly Swensen, Researcher, Existentialism 

“What is it about John that makes one stop, notice, think? Could it be his life experiences, so many, so different from our own, usually amazing, sometimes heartbreaking, reminding us that everyone’s heart breaks sometimes…Could it be his ability to share–and write–his life experiences in ways that make us laugh, or ache, and wonder how we might have done whatever, should these situations have been ours?...Would we wonder how such rich, unique life experiences, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures have worked together in his heart and mind to create the interesting, humorous, caring, lover of life, ‘no matter what’ the challenge, he shares so well?”—Morgan Barry, Seattle Department of Public Health


by John LaCasse
Page Count: 302
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: July 25, 2023
Imprint: Sunbury Press
Genre: Memoir

EDUCATION / Teaching / Methods & Strategies  

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John LaCasse
Awesome Journey

I was on my mark, got set and went on a fantastic journey with John. You have a lifetime fan
Charles Perry Jr.

Commissioned to live the Dream

John LaCasse has lived more lives than anyone I know. Pushing the peddle to the metal, John's stories made me laugh, cry, gasp for air, and make me wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life. The man is a total badass. He pushed the boundary of time and made it his own, claiming numerous titles and accolades, hanging with the "big guns" and becoming a legendary yacht broker only to leave it all to go back to school where he became the most loved professor to influence hundreds of adoring students. I read the book straight through. I couldn't put it down.

With each page, I could see a movie playing in my head. A seamless journey through time; Deals Danger Destiny sets the stage for an EPIC account of HISTORY IN THE MAKING. By the end of the book, it becomes clear "DEALS AND DANGER" was the commissioned life path in order for John to write a story that would lead humanity to its DESTINY. This is no ordinary read. THIS IS A MUST READ.

I am in your house.

Really? I'm humbled that I'm "Chaos" a "Titular Character" of charge.
Thank You- it does make me reflect- upon life. That is good.
I may not be fear. I enjoy God's grace. With care. I understand this simple fact- I "Am" upon the joy- fearful & full of loss. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, scented, and done.
This is our everyday use. It tides me stronger than ever before.
If you forget to live? You will cease to exist.
I am- in your house.
Stronger than Iron and more solid than Stone. To those that I have loved. Blessings be & care for them today/yesterday/tomorrow.
To those that I have lost. It sucks.
You are there with me my friend-

What a fantastic ride!

This was a great read. Chills and thrills! After reading, I feel like I know the author.