Dead of Spring

Sherry Knowlton


2017 BEST BOOK AWARDS FINALIST -- MYSTERY & SUSPENSE When a beloved state senator plunges to his death at Alexa Williams’ feet in the Capitol Rotunda, the authorities suspect suicide. Although...

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When a beloved state senator plunges to his death at Alexa Williams’ feet in the Capitol Rotunda, the authorities suspect suicide. Although the powerful chair of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee was at the center of a controversial new bill to expand hydraulic fracturing, he was also rumored to be ill. Shaken, Alexa tries to move past the disturbing incident by concentrating on work. She’s leading a senate commission on sex trafficking. Plus, she’s helping an old college roommate sue a natural gas company for their role in causing her daughter’s rare cancer.

In researching the lawsuit, Alexa becomes embroiled in the high-stakes politics of fracking. As the relationship with her state trooper boyfriend drifts onto the rocks, Alexa is drawn to a charismatic state legislator who’s leading an anti-fracking crusade. Then, the police shock Alexa with the news that she could be in danger; she’s a witness to the senator’s murder, not his suicide.

When Alexa narrowly escapes a sniper’s bullet, she must discover why she’s a target―and who she can trust—before the next shot hits its mark.

With Sherry Knowlton’s trademark mix of feminism, history, romance, and fast-paced thrills, Dead of Spring skyrockets from the fracking fields of the Marcellus Shale to the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster of 1979 to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the halls of Pennsylvania state government. In this suspenseful tale of corruption and runaway greed, Alexa Williams proves, once again, that she’s a formidable heroine. The twists and turns keep will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

DEAD OF SPRING combines legislative corruption with corporate greed that ends in deadly violence. Heroine Alexa Williams resists intimidation to battle evil at the highest levels of Pennsylvania government and commerce. Spurring her on is a love for the environment and for a friend whose daughter's cancer is caused by fracking. Here is a spellbinding yarn jerked straight from today's frightening headlines. -- Kay Kendall, award-winning author of historical mysteries 

by Sherry Knowlton
Page Count: 264
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: April 22, 2017
Imprint: Milford House
Genre: Mystery

Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Fiction / Suspense
Fiction / Mystery & Detective

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Memorable Story

Can you discuss timely social issues in a novel and still produce a fast-paced and intriguing mystery story? Sherry Knowlton’s answers this question with a resounding “Yes!” in her novel Dead of Spring.
Knowlton’s protagonist Alexa is a scrappy woman who has fought against sex trafficking and now comes to the aid of a friend whose daughter is a casualty of improper fracking. This novel richly describes how the farmland in Pennsylvania has been encroached upon by a powerful new force that can harm the environment and give innocents cancer. The author deftly adds another layer, too, as she takes the reader back to the Three Mile Island scare, which highlights how scientific advances, supposedly for the public good, must be closely monitored. In this mystery, Knowlton does it all. She throws in some political battles for money and power, seasons the story with the ups and downs of a romance, and stirs the plot with some clever twists and near-death turns. This book is a keeper!