The Vatican's Vault

Barry Libin


Conspiracy, intrigue, deceit, and murder in the holiest of sanctuaries result from man's ultimate fall – thou shall not covet. ~~~ THE VATICAN’S VAULT is based on religious and historical events...

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Conspiracy, intrigue, deceit, and murder in the holiest of sanctuaries result from man's ultimate fall – thou shall not covet.


THE VATICAN’S VAULT is based on religious and historical events that portray the fierce enmity within the Catholic Church emanating from the challenge of modernity versus tradition. The novel traces an early nineteenth-century secret Italian document, The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, that maps out a generational blueprint to overthrow the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The story takes place during the final phase of this conspiracy at a time when the Church is most vulnerable following the deadly sins of child molestation, the redefining of family and marriage, and the attempt to overthrow theological rigidity and conservatism. New York Medical Examiner and detective, Dr. Jeffrey Moss, fresh from solving The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript (Urim, 2014), leads the investigation of a young priest murdered at 452 Madison Avenue, the official residence of the Archbishop of New York. At autopsy, the examination reveals three gold pieces ingeniously hidden, two, of which, were designed for Pope Clement VII by Benvenuto Cellini, the great Italian Renaissance artist, and the third, a diadem originating from the earliest days of the Israelites in Egypt. Together with the brilliant archeologist, Daniella Teller, the duo delve into ancient biblical texts, Jewish and Christian history, the deepest secrets of the Masonic Brotherhood, and the internal strife within today’s Vatican to pursue the murderer. The plot turns to terror, including the attempted murder of the Pope himself, as Jeff and Daniella probe the secrets of The Vatican’s Vault that uncovers a conspiracy to destroy the Church and its Papacy. 


In his second novel, The Vatican's Vault, Dr. Barry Libin offers a thriller that has something to say, though that never gets in the way of a unique and original story which combines elements of the police procedural with high adventure. A mysterious fire that involves Saint Patrick’s Cathedral interlocks with a search for a lost treasure in the title place, a hidden spot rarely visited by others than the Pope's chosen few. Opera, Catholicism and Judaic thought are combined in a totally original way, as the author reveals his sophisticated understanding of each in addition to his natural gifts at storytelling. Highly recommended. --Douglas Brode, The Planet Jesus Trilogy

The Vatican’s Vault has a fascinating storyline that covers 3500 years of history. A well-written thriller. It touches a deep fear in people's minds - the fear of the Catholic Church and it's old and mysterious orders. And it refers to our curiosity about old treasures. The Vatican’s Vault joins a big family of bestselling books and movies - from Godfather to Indiana Jones and Da Vinci Code. --Nahum Barnea, Chief Columnist for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's largest daily; Winner of the State of Israel Prize for communication. 

John Henry Newman, one of the 19th century’s greatest theologians, once wrote "The Church is ever ailing ... Religion seems ever expiring, schisms dominant, the light of truth dim, its adherents scattered." In light of Newman’s insight, I have read and enjoyed Dr. Libin’s fictional tale, with its psychologically interesting characters and a thoroughly provocative plot. He seamlessly weaves together ideas and practices from the ancient and modern world into a fantastic tapestry of mystery, betrayal, and intrigue. -- Daniel P. Agatino, JD, Ph.D.,  M.S., Theology, The College of Saint Elizabeth

“A riveting mystery that I wish were twice as long.” --Nicholas Gura author of Divine Wisdom and Warning: Decoded Messages From God

Author: Barry Libin
Page Count: 240
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: February 26, 2019
Imprint: Milford House
Genre: Mystery

FICTION / Mystery & Detective / International Crime & Mystery
FICTION / Religious
FICTION / Christian / Suspense

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