The Fragile Keepers

Natalie Pinter


When a pair of siblings discover a mythical creature, she grants them both sublime gifts and horrific curses. Following a lightning storm, Andre and her brother Ben discover a winged girl...

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When a pair of siblings discover a mythical creature, she grants them both sublime gifts and horrific curses.

Following a lightning storm, Andre and her brother Ben discover a winged girl cowering in their backyard shed. The millennials are thrilled by the appearance of a mythical being, but they are wary too, particularly when she warns them that a dangerous monster has followed her from “Elsewhere.”

The girl, (Shae) is desperate to return to a world she can now only scarcely recall. Exquisite and beguiling, Shae evokes a protectiveness on their part—especially when she grants them gifts of extraordinary new talent. Andre and Ben want to help her however they can.

But the siblings soon find out that these gifts carry ghastly side effects. Andre is enchanted by prophetic dreams, but they wither her grip on reality; Ben creates sublime music, but his health deteriorates. And then, to their horror, they discover that Shae must complete a terrible task before she can return home and that everyone they know and love is in danger. Andre and Ben must now figure out how to thwart a being they’ve grown to care for.

What they don’t realize is that Shae is changing—she’s beginning to develop a conscience, and an affinity for her human hosts. And as her time runs out, she must make a terrible choice before all their lives spiral into a grisly climax of cruel irony and heartbreaking sacrifice. 

The Fragile Keepers is a 2020 SUNNY Award Winner!

Semi-finalist in Horror/Suspense in the Kindle Book Awards!

And WINNER of the Cover Design Award!



"Natalie Pinter is a wonderful storyteller. She does more than just write--she casts a cozy, tactile, and entrancing spell, which you become compelled to follow wherever it takes you." -- Eric Shapiro, author of It's Only Temporary & Days of Allison

"The Fragile Keepers...rewards the reader with a journey into the marvelous and the magical. The fantasy that Pinter draws offers a commentary and perspective on the ordinary world we all now inhabit, a world infected with diseases of all kinds: ecological, cultural, spiritual." -- Arthur Hoyle, author of Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits

Product Details:

by Natalie Pinter

Page Count: 262
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: October 19, 2020
Imprint: Hellbender Books
Genre: Fiction

FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary
FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural

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Excellent story. I really enjoyed this read.

Dark fairytale with horror-elements.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five stars!
It's about Ben and Andromeda (Andre). One night they see a strange ball of lightning in their backyard. When they go to investigate, they come across a strange creature in their shed. Shae is a sort of faerie that was sent here with a mission, but she has lost most of her memory. She does remember that she has to collect some sort of tithe.
This book was not what i was expecting, but it still managed to surprise me in a good way. I would not call it horror, but it definitely had enough horror-elements to keep me interested. It was more like a dark fairytale. It starts of quite magical but gets more grim towards the end.
You get a constant feeling of impending doom. You know that things are gonna go wrong, but the 'how and when' is what kept me on the edge of my seat while reading this book.
I highly recommend this one! I have a very one-sides taste when it comes to books. I like horror and I like fantasy. (And the occasional romance as a palate cleanser😂) But that's about it!
This book was a perfect mix for me!0

A Darkly Beautiful Tale

I am SHOOK after reading this novel. Though I'm not that familiar with faerie legend, I've read enough to know that any gift from the fae is likely to exact a terrible price (and oh, what a price Andre and Ben, the book's eponymous fragile keepers, ultimately pay!). Pinter takes this familiar trope and creates a wholly new tale that is equal parts beauty, pain, and horror. Reading it put me through an emotional wringer but I loved every minute of it. I look forward to future novels by this very talented writer.

An Otherworldly Debut

The moment had a personality. It was self-aware, poised, and graceful, a drifting soap bubble saying, "Look at me, remember this. Remember when everything changed."
This is the kind of line, in the kind of book, that makes me want to read it all over again. There’s moments in The Fragile Keepers—quiet, innocuous moments—that could be glossed over without much thought, but actually mean everything.

The Fragile Keepers is an incredible mix of real-world people and fantastical, otherworldly creatures. There are a lot of vivid descriptions of faerie lore and odd magic, but it never feels like too much. In fact, even in places where it doesn’t make any sense at all (to an unfamiliar reader, at least), we get the comforting feeling that either it will make sense at some point, or it was never meant to. It is ominous, like thunderclouds; the reader knows something bad is coming, perhaps only a page away.

Natalie Pinter has crafted a wonderful debut. A dark, real-world fairy tale that is at once beautiful, ugly, haunting, dreamy, tragic, and thick with mood. It also has one of the most perfect endings I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. And by “perfect” I don’t necessarily mean “happy”.

The Fragile Keepers makes you look for the beauty in small things, and requires you to question the existence of something more.

Jerry Roth
A Satisfying Story to the End!

When I received an ARC copy of this novel, I wasn't sure what I was in for but let me tell you---this is a great debut novel! What Natalie does right is--telling the reader a story that can do nothing but draw them into a fresh world of her creation. She has taken the fantasy genre and breathed life into it with great character development and amazing twists and turns. If you are looking for a book that scratches your Fantasy itch--look no further! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.